About Us – At Better Be Greener

Once upon a time, we would have been called a nuclear family; Mum, Dad, and two kids. We are a small family within a larger extended family, as is the case with most of us. A family doesn’t have to mean blood ties; a family is support; a family is love; a family is trust. Families come in all shapes and sizes.

We are doing our best in our family to make our place in this world a greener place to ensure that future generations of our family can continue to live as we have. This is where the idea for Better Be Greener came about. We can all Be Greener and be Better for it, in mind, body and spirit.

We see amazing things happening around the world in biodiversity, carbon offset and the regreening of deforested areas and farmland. All of these things are positive and we value that so much effort is being put into recycling and using waste product to construct new products.

Even more recently there is far more awareness at a community level with lots of worthwhile local programs and initiatives. It is here at this level and within our own homes that we can all make a difference no matter how small. It is about awareness of what we can do and how we do it. We can all be more conscious at home with the products we use or purchase, how we dispose of foodstuffs and other waste and how we live in general.

This does really affect our whole lifestyle but it is by starting small that we recognise what can be done and what we can do within our own homes.

We have always composted our garden and green food waste. We don’t have fancy equipment and you don’t need it (unless you want it!) to compost successfully.

It is not only about compost but that is where we are going to start as it is a good place to start. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house with a yard and plenty of space or an apartment with almost no space, composting is is achievable for all.

We will impart some of the tips we have accumulated over the years. We can now routinely make good quality compost with our compost bin quietly doing all of the hard work.


By the way, there will be videos. When I find something that works or doesn’t work, I will be making videos. I just need to say here, that any video will be short and sweet. There will be no musical or long rambling introduction. Videos will be short and to the point. Now having said that, it might mean that I leave out the crucial piece of information you are looking for and hope to find by watching the video. It is so annoying when that happens. So please always comment on either the video in YouTube, or in the comments section of the article and I will respond.

Let’s do this together!